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Truck Mounted Lifts

Truck Mounted Lifts

Truck mounted lifts are one of the most versatile assets that can be owned today. Many of these lifts can be transported to virtually any job site or location. They are large enough where they can service an airline, yet compact enough that you can fit into some tight spaces when servicing an outdoor location.

There are various designs available with the modern truck mounted lift as well. Scissor lifts allow you to have a dependable vertical lift. Articulating aerial platforms can give your people height and reach when they need to get some work done. Some truck-mounted lifts can even lift the equivalent of an 18-wheeler trailer several feet into the air.

Not sure if you can afford the addition of a truck-mounted lift to your fleet? Pricing in this category begins right around $16,000. That’s less than you probably paid for each vehicle in your fleet.

Now is the time to act to get the access you need. Find the truck mounted lift that works with your assets today so that tomorrow, you’ll be able to get to work.

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