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Telescopic Booms

Telescopic Booms

You’ve been wondering how you might be able to expand the services you are able to provide to your community.

You want to internalize your maintenance and inspection needs instead of outsourcing them because costs are getting out of control.

You’ve just signed the best contract of your life and part of your responsibilities includes working at higher altitudes.

These are all great examples of where telescopic booms make sense as an investment. And let’s be honest – this type of asset is an investment, especially if you’re looking at a self-propelled boom lift.

Yet trailer boom lifts and static base lifts are also an option and pricing on some models can start for right around $25,000.

Whether you’re a builder, a landscaper, or even a roofer, the options that a telescopic boom can provide are many. If you’re ready to explore all of the advantages that this asset can provide you, our team would love to hear from you.

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