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Articulated Booms

Articulating Booms

Articulating booms will take your work to the next level. Literally. You will be able to safely access building roofs, perform tree service, or perform any other work that has a required altitude for a surprisingly affordable price. The modern articulating lift can handle rough terrain. There are self-propelled models available, as well as off-road aerial platforms that are vehicle-based.

Each articulating boom is guaranteed to meet or exceed current government safety standards. When you or your people step into the basket, you will have confidence that there will be enough space to bring your tools and get the job done without having to worry about the stability of the boom.

Several articulating booms are available right now to meet your needs. Pricing begins right around $25,000. In return, you’ll be able to safely complete your next project in record time.

That’s the real advantage of owning a modern articulating boom.

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