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Snorkel TL49J Trailer Mounted Boom Lift



Snorkel TL49J Trailer Mounted Boom Lift


Snorkel TL49J Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Features:

  • In-line boom design for maximum rigidity
  • Hand pump emergency lowering from platform
  • 160° powered platform rotation
  • Proportional live hydraulic controls
  • Flashing amber light
  • Power line to platform
  • Integral road lighting board
  • ANSI compliant


  • Special paint colors
  • Friction drive assist package
  • On-board 110V/230V generator on AC mains power unit
  • Auto-level stabilizers
  • Spotlight in platform
  • Nylon spreader pads for stabilizer feet (set of 4)
  • Heavy duty jockey wheel
  • Airline to platform
  • Environmental green oil
  • CSA compliant


Snorkel TL49J Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Dimensions:

Max. working height 54 ft 1 in
Max. platform height 48 ft 1 in
Max. horizontal reach 27 ft 10 in
Platform width (C) 3 ft 9 in
Platform depth (D) 2 ft 4 in
Stabilizer footprint (A x B) 15 ft 9 in x 15 ft 5 in
Towing width (F) 5 ft 8 in
Towing length (E) 23 ft 3 in
Stowed height (G) 7 ft 2 in
Platform capacity (SWL) 425 lbs
Max. wind speed 28 mph
Jib length 4 ft 3 in
Jib arc 130°
Platform rotation 90°
Superstructure rotation (non-continuous) 680°
Wheels 205/75RI6
Controls hydraulic proportional
Power source 24V DC battery
Battery 4 x 6V 195Ah
Power options Gasoline, bi-energy (combustion and battery) or AC electric
Weight (battery model) 5,269 lbs




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