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Disabled Passenger Lift


Disabled Passenger Lift


Disabled Passenger Lift Features:

The Disabled Passenger Lift provides an efficient and safe means of boarding or de-boarding passengers who require special assistance. This unit can interface wide body aircraft such as Boeing 747, 757, 767, & 777 as well as narrow body aircraft including regional jets. The Disabled Passenger Lift can accommodate up to three (3) full size wheel chairs and one (1) attendant at one time.

  • Efficiency – Unit requires only one operator to interface the aircraft and assist the disabled passenger. The platform operator can lower the rear access platform to allow a ground handler to load additional passengers. This will allow simultaneous boarding and de-boarding of multiple passengers when the disabled passenger lift is positioned at the aircraft door sill without the need to fully lower the unit multiple times.
  • Rear Access Platform – Full width rear access platform with 600 lbs. capacity provides room for an attendant and passengers in full size wheel chairs, powered wheel chairs, or powered scooters.
  • Front Extenda-deck – Full width powered deck with aircraft bumper extends 4 ft (1.22 m) to access aircraft with a self adjusting swivel bumper for easy positioning.
  • Platform Control Station—The platform control station is on an adjustable positioning track that allows the operator to choose where they want to operate the unit.
  • Travel Speed – 3.0 -3.5 mph
  • Power Source: 48 Volt DC electrical system with onboard 110 VAC charger.
  • Tires: 22” Solid Rubber.
  • Standard Paint: Federal Standard Insignia White with black striping.
  • Drive: The unit can be driven at any elevation from the platform. An automatically activated creep speed function allows smooth & safe driving of the platform at full elevation.


Disabled Passenger Lift Specifications: 

  • Services Max Door Sill Height—17 ft-9 in.
  • Services Min Door Sill Height—3 ft 11 in.
  • Wind Speed Rating—90 mph.
  • Maximum Total Capacity—1,000 lbs.
  • Main Platform – 1,000 lbs.
  • Access Platform – 600 lbs.
  • Front Extenda-deck – 600 lbs.


  • Boarding Chair
  • Platform Canopy
  • Fold Down Chair for Attendant
  • Head / Tail Lights
  • Cold Weather Package with Hydraulic System and Battery Heaters
  • Gasoline Power
  • Custom Paint Colors


  • Standard Equipment: Blinking amber light, Hour meter, Lighting at entry/exit, Adjustable utility lighting, Tie downs for boarding chair, Fire extinguisher, Low battery Indicator, Nylon cage netting at both ends of main platform, Manual lowering controls.
  • Extenda-deck Guardrails: The adjustable guardrails lock in 2” (0.05 m) increments to fully contour the fuselage and door when fully extended.
  • Brakes: Spring applied, pressure release.
  • Holding Valve: Safety device to maintain elevation in case of damage or failure.
  • Stability: The unit provides maximum stability to ensure operators and passengers total comfort at all times. The unit has minimal side-to-side movement in high wind conditions and can meet the ANSI A92.7I requirement for a 90 mph jet blast.




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