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Articulated Tracked Aerial Platform SPJ315


Articulated Tracked Aerial Platform SPJ315


Articulated Tracked Aerial Platform SPJ315 Description: 

Articulated Tracked Aerial Platform SPJ315 is a tracked aerial platform able of a maximum working height of 49 feet and a maximum working outreach of 23 feet. Its Safe Working Load is 500 lbs. (2 operators + tools) without restrictions throughout the working area, resulting in high performance if compared with the reduced overall dimensions, only 31 inches width during translation (with basket removed).

This Articulated Tracked Aerial Platform SPJ315 is equipped with a standard wired remote control for translation and stabilization which ensures maximum safety for the operator (optionally SPJ315 can be equipped with wireless remote control); the standard engine is a 13 hp gasoline Honda, optionally a diesel Lombardini engine can be mounted.
The 350° rotation of the aerial part, together with the vertical rotation of the hydraulic jib, from 90° to +35°, increase the overall working area. SPJ315 can be equipped with extendable tracks and 230 V electric motor, which are essential for operations in confined spaces such as industrial buildings or churches.


Articulated Tracked Aerial Platform SPJ315 Specifications:

  • Extremely compact.
  • Safe Working Load is 225 kg unrestricted.
  • Remote Control for translation and stabilization.
  • Stabilizing pads.


Max working height 50 feet
Basket floor height 43 feet
Max working outreach 23 feet
Aerial part rotation 350°
Basket rotation
Basket max load capacity 500 lbs.
Basket dimension 1400 x 700 xh 1100 mm
Controls hydraulic
Stabilization Z + Z
Weight 3748 lbs.


Standard Equipment:

  • Multifunction remote control for translation and stabilization.
  • Aluminium removable basket.
  • Electric hour-meter.
  • High efficiency filtering system in both flow directions.
  • Gasoline engine Honda 13 hp.
  • Manual emergency pump.
  • 110/230 V power outlet in the basket.
  • Flanged Holding Valves.

Available Options:

  • Narrow crawler hydraulically extensible.
  • White antimark tracks.
  • Safety belts.
  • Auxiliary electro-pump 230V/50Hz monophase with battery charger.
  • White adjustable lamp in the basket.
  • Diesel engine Lombardini 11 HP.
  • N. 4 spreader plates.
  • Air/water plug (max 100 bar).
  • Radio remote control.



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